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I am not accepting new patients for counseling or therapy. My practice is now exclusively devoted to diagnostic evaluations and testing for gifted, child & adult ADD/ADHD, learning disabilities, educational accommodations, autism, mental health disorders and law enforcement personnel. I can provide appropriate referrals following an evaluation. My practice is self-pay, but I can provide receipts for you to file with insurance.

I am one of only about 4% of psychologists who is Board Certified by the American Board of Professional Psychology. My practice consists of 75% children & adolescents and 25% adults.

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Articles by Dr. Cooley

Gifted is just a number: Don’t get hung up on it, Palm Beach Post Editorial, 2014

Re-evaluating how we evaluate gifted students, Palm Beach Post Editorial, 2007

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A Letter to Children with Attention Deficit Disorder(1991)