Developmental Delay

Evaluations for Developmental Delays in young children

Parents, pre-school teachers, or pediatricians may observe young children who are not functioning at a developmentally appropriate level.  These youngsters may exhibit any of the following:

  • Significant speech delay
  • Inability to consistently name numbers or letters
  • Very inappropriate or unusual behavior
  • Aggressive, impulsive, hyperactive behavior
  • Difficulty relating to peers

An evaluation consists of reports of behavioral observations of the child and a developmental and behavioral history from parents.  Parents and teachers may be asked to complete some standardized behavior rating scales that compares the child to norms for his/her age on various skill areas.  Some testing may be recommended if a learning problem is suspected.  The evaluation results in a written report of the child’s problems, a diagnosis if appropriate,  and recommendations for various types of  therapeutic and/or educational interventions. This report is accepted at all public and private schools.

Fees for this type of evaluation range from $800-$1000 depending on the age and purpose for the evaluation.  Fees include time for review of records, interviews, testing, test supplies scoring and  interpretation of data, report writing, and follow-up session to discuss findings.